Certification renewal

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Renewal Process

We appreciate your decision to certify with us and hope that you will choose to renew your certification with OTCO for 2024. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality services and programs.

The Organic System Plan (OSP) Renewal Application is designed to accomplish all requirements — even if you hold multiple classes of certification (e.g., crop and livestock) — in one simple form. To continue your organic certification, you must complete the OSP Renewal Application and submit certification fees by January 1, 2024, or April 1, 2024, depending on your operation’s assigned deadline.

FAQs: Renew Your Organic Certification with Confidence

I just had my annual inspection. Why am I being asked to renew already?

All OTCO clients must submit a renewal application by their assigned renewal date, no matter when their last inspection was held or when their last certificate was issued.

Your operation’s annual renewal date is either January 1 or April 1. 

What if I don’t want to renew? 

You may surrender your certification at any time. You must do so before the deadline to avoid being issued a noncompliance.

You can request surrender under Step 2 of the renewal form or by contacting your client services team and letting them know you’d like to surrender. 

What if I don’t know what changes I want to make? 

You may outline expected/potential changes under Step 4 of the renewal form.

An OTCO staff member will follow up with you and ensure that your file is updated appropriately.

Note: New land or facilities require updated OSP documents, review, and inspection. Your inspector/OTCO cannot add new land or facilities during the annual inspection without prior notification and approval.

What if I don’t know what forms need to be updated? 

To view your current OSP, log into your MyOTCO account (myotco.org/Login.aspx).

For assistance with MyOTCO, please visit our Help Center for a user guide (tilth.org/certification/clients/myotco), or contact your client services team.

How much do I have to pay? 

See the OTCO Fee Schedule for instructions on sales reporting and fee calculation. Additionally, the Tilth Fee Calculator will do this automatically.

What do you mean by “time period must reflect a full 12 months?” 

Certification fees are calculated on your operation’s previous year’s sales of certified organic products.

We desire that our clients submit a full 365 days of sales reporting to calculate the fee. Please keep your sales reporting dates consistent from one year to the next.

For example, if you are reporting on sales for a 365-day period of 05/15/20-05/14/21, the next year’s sales reporting date should follow accordingly – 05/15/21-05/14/22. 

Even if you only sold products in 1 month of the year, please submit a full year for the sales date range.

What if I can’t pay right now? 

Contact OTCO’s Accounting Department at (971) 599-2299 to set up a payment plan.